Some of Our Products

At Black & Gold we develop customer centric products that simplifies very complex tasks into a few pleasant clicks to improve your organization’s throughput. Below are a few of our products.


VPass is a Visitor Pass system; it is designed to be used at reception to maintain visitor information entering into the building. VPass takes details of the visitors’ name, company, car details and host details. It details the sign-in and sign-out times of visitors. This information is stored for a maximum period and can be reviewed at any time. For each visitor entering the building a visitor pass is automatically printed and tagged unto the visitor.

Benefits of the system:

  1. Improved services.
  2. Automated management of visitor information.
  3. Allows booking of visitors in advance.
  4. Clear and efficient identification of visitors within the building.
  5. Allows effective review of past visitor information.
  6. Car details taken to allow improved management of car park facilities.
  7. Professional outlook and approach.

FileTrack V2

FileTrack is a file tracking system used in office environments incorporating RFID as a tracking solution. Filesys tracks file movements defining location of file, owner of file and destination of file at all times. It provides a friendly easy to use interface that omits the need for paper file tracking.

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